Don't be afraid to get started with the home-buying process! It's as simple as completing a simple application and budget review. Short on down payment funds/ You're not alone. The current housing market is making life difficult for first-time buyers, But recently 78% of Generation Z homeowners reported some financial support for a down payment, mostly from parents, but it can be any relative. Since this type of assistance needs to be carefully documented as gift funds, talk to your lender before transferring gift funds.

We also have access to TDHCA Down Payment assistance programs if you qualify for those assistance loans. It make a zero down possibility for you so you can get out of the rental trap. Call for information and registration forms.

With your down payment planned, we can direct you to the right price point to start looking for that home of your own. Stop renting and start investing in yourself. Mortgage interest is tax deductible and each payment grows equity in a property you can later sell. We'd love to help with that first-time purchase! 

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