Pistachio Orchard - Bowie, AZ 


Samara Farming Enterprises, Inc. - 746.89 acres ($16,060,500.00)

·       Location:  Bowie, AZ is approximately 20 miles East of Willcox, AZ and 1 ½ hours East of Tucson, AZ.

·       Property:  The South 320 were planted in 2016 and budded in 2017.  The 100 acres were planted in 2017 with budded trees.  The North 326.89 acres were planted in 2018 with budded trees.  All trees are UCB1 root stock, Golden Hills variety and planted 22 x 16 spacing with dual drip hose irrigation. 

·       APN’s: 302-44-015 (585.43 acres) and 302-44-033 (161.46 acres)

·       Wells:  There are 5 wells on the 746.89.  The combined pumping potential of all 5 wells is 2650 gallons per minute.  Well 1 - new pumps and motors as well as electrical panels were installed in 2015.  Wells 2 and 3 – were drilled in 2022 to approximately 1,400 feet each, 16in perforated casing and gravel packed.  Wells 4 and 5 - were drilled in 2019 with new pumps and motors as well as electrical panels.  They are drilled to approximately 1,500 feet each with 16in perforated casing and gravel packed.


Ø Well 1 – 150/HP motor – Seller installing new bowls and has pumped 650gpm

Ø Well 2 – 150/HP motor, test pumped at 400+gpm

ØWell 3 – 250/HP motor w/VHF drive and test pumped 500gpm

ØWell 4 – 500/HP motor w/VHF drive – Seller installing new bowls and has pumped 700+gpm

Ø Well 5 – 300/HP motor w/VHF drive and pumps 400+/-gpm


·       Seller will carry a 35% down payment for 5 years at 5.5% interest APR, interest only payments.  Payments to be made annually from date of close of escrow. 


Silverado Farms, LLC – 160.48 acres ($4,012,000.00 FIRM*)

·       Location:  Same location as the Samara Farming Enterprises, Inc. property

·       Property:  160.48 acres planted in 2017 with Golden Hills, budded trees on UCB1 root stock.  Planted with 16 x 22 spacing with dual drip hose irrigation.

·       APN’s: 302-44-017 (80.27 acres) and 302-44-016 (80.21 acres)

·       Seller financing not available for this property

·       Buyer to cooperate with Seller in a 1031 tax deferred exchange.



The total acreage for both orchards is 907.37.  Both properties must be purchased at the same time.

















v Price and terms may change without prior notice